Backhome Foods™ heat and eat meal starters answers that age old question “What’s for Dinner?”. These crave-worthy meals perfectly pair with your favorite grain for simple and good comfort food on the table in up to 15 minutes.

We take the time to prepare each meal starter the old-fashioned way using simple ingredients and a slow cook process. Here’s How It Works: We prepare the vegetables, season everything just right, and tend that simmering pot of goodness to deliver family favorites, just like Granny would!  You simply add your favorite grain.  One spoonful will transport you BACKHOME™ to the comfort of your Grandmother’s kitchen!

What We’re Cookin'

Now offering three meal starters for every occasion.

  • Meal Starters

    Family style meals made complete with your favorite starch

  • Meal Bowls

    Individual meals paired with fragrant jasmine rice. Perfect for lunch on -the-go.

  • Snack Cups

    Small portions of goodness to hold you over until your next meal 

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