We offer three products for every occasion

  • Meals Starters

    Family style meals made complete with your favorite starch.

  • Meal Bowls

    Individual meals paired with fragrant jasmine rice. Perfect for lunch on-the-go. 

  • Snack Cups

    Small portions goodness to hold you over until your next meal.

Explore these four regions

  • Nkakra - Light Pepper Soup - Spicy
  • Ndole - Spinach & Peanut Stew - Spicy
  • Ghanaian Beef Stew
  • Curry Channa & Rice
    • Garbanzo beans, Coconut milk, Squash and Tomato, and Caribbean Spice
    • Garbanzo beans also known as chick peas, a bean favored around the globe. This Caribbean rendition is a rich tasty stew, made with a robust mixture of curry spices, many freshly harvested spices from India and the Caribbean, cooked squash, coconut milk, and tomato.
  • Curry Chicken & Rice
    • Braised Curried Chicken, Rice, Peas, Carrots, Corn made with Coconut Milk, Squash and Caribbean Spices
    • The cuisine of Caribbean Islands is heavily influenced by the cultural contributions of East India. It is impossible to grow up in this culture without experiencing curry dishes on a weekly basis. Backhome Foods Caribbean Curry chicken is a spectacular blend of ingredients that will make your mouth water! If you are missing the flavor of an intense curry that is a distinct piece of the Caribbean heritage, you will find it in this dish! Enjoy.
  • Stewed Black Beans & Rice
    • Black Beans, Squash, Coconut Milk, and Caribbean Spices
    • Beans and rice are the essential ingredient in the diets of most cultures globally. There are so many varieties of beans to choose from no one should be bored including this combination as a staple of the diet. Backhome Foods black bean stew served over rice, is a rich mixture of spices, blended with coconut, and squash.
  • Caribbean Stewed Chicken & Rice
    • Braised, Caramelized Chicken, Potato, Squash, and Carrots
    • Backhome Foods out did itself with this Caribbean Stewed Chicken. The chicken is marinated in an exotic blend of herbs and spices before it is braised in a rich brown caramel sauce. The subtle taste of coconut is blended with squash and fresh vegetables.
  • Low Country Chicken & Sausage Gumbo (Spicy)
  • Low Country Stewed Tomato
  • Low Country Smokey Red Beans (Vegan)
  • Low Country Field Peas
  • Thai Tom Kha Gai - Spicy
  • Thai Stewed Yellow Chicken
  • Thai Red Curry Chickpeas - (Vegan) Spicy
  • Thai Green Curry Vegetable - (Vegan)